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If you're here, you know me either from my Drarry fics or from GYWO -- in any case: Welcome!

Here are some things about me that you didn't want to know but I'll tell you anyway:

I'm a fangirl through and through: overexcited about shows, books, cats, other ridiculous things, and squealing and flailing when my ship breathes next to each other. When I love things, I LOVE them. The love is all consuming and embarrassing and will take over my whole life and my whole tumblr.

At the same time, when I hate things, I fucking hate them.

Also: I swear a lot.

I like tasty words, interesting clouds, the sky, the sea. I love cats and own the most beautiful Persian you can imagine *proud mama*, though, my biggest dream is to own a dragon. *crosses fingers* *whispers: one day*

Born and bred Greek, I live in the north of the country, but I used to live in the UK for about six years. 

Favourite books:
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, The Secret History by Donna Tartt, 100 Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Zyranna Zateli's Και Με Το Φως Των Λύκων Επανέρχονται. Fave series include Captive Prince, ASOIAF and His Dark Materials.

(and of course, Harry Potter! That goes without saying)

I'm a Capricorn, INFP, proud Slytherin and True/Chaotic Neutral so take from that what you will :)

Not sure what the policy for friending is in these sites, but I'm happy to friend and be friended by H/D shippers, and writers in general, although I won't be posting much at all, but I will be commenting on your posts.


 This is my AO3 page.

I have a tumblr and an aesthetic/inspiration tumblr on semi-hiatus.
Also, you could find me on goodreads if you want?

Don't hesitate to add me, I'll be delighted!
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Today I spent all morning checking out HP Erised, reading the rules for gift exchange fests and maybe daydreaming a little, although I'm not sure I'll participate. I mean, part of me really wants to, but part of me hopes that I'll be working full time on the Novel That's Eating My Soul in the summer/autumn and won't have time to write fic.

But maybe I will, you know? [Update: I am]

So one thing led to another and I decided to emulate everyone's example and create a list of my Likes and Dislikes in case I decide to participate in a gift exchange fest. 

(If you're writing for me, know that I already love you.)

Likes and Dislikes )


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